With its narrow focus on these main areas of technology, Stixis has accumulated the broadest knowledge and experience in these industries. We constantly develop our domain capabilities in these industries.

In each of the strategic markets, Stixis is primarily seeking to establish itself as a provider of a total solution capable of meeting the requirements of every aspect of projects for any business, whether it involves consulting services at the outset of the project, the development of specific systems or the implementation of standard solutions.

Insurance & Reinsurance

The ways in which customers do their insurance is changing dramatically and the demands on business are increasingly rapid. Latest technologies and tools allow insurance companies automate and streamline business processes efficiently and also allow them to provide targeted and highly quality services.

Therefore success of any insurance company will depend on how well its existing systems can adapt to newer technologies, changing functional requirements and the evolving value chain of the Internet age.

Life insurance companies must adopt new creative ways to support new business, underwriting, customer service and operational procedures. With the profound understanding of the insurance domain and partnership with consulting companies we empower our customers with complex software solutions, both created from scratch, and developed using customers’ legacy systems.

Our application development process helps insurers boost operational efficiencies, automate business processes, improve customer service and cut costs. Life insurance core system is the most critical IT system for life insurance companies.

Insurance companies, burdened with increasing claims, are currently developing controlled-growth strategies in order to combine development with profitability.

Stixis provides end to end services starting from the setup of and definition of the reinsurance program, through import of premium & claims transactions, automatic allocation of premiums and claims to reinsurance contracts, performing all required calculations, and production of statements & accounts to reinsurance participants.

Stixis has a broad spectrum of services to cater each insurance field and include:

» Life Insurance, Pensions & Annuities

» Property & Casualty

» Reinsurance and Brokering