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Document Capture Management System - (DCMS)

DCMS helps to capture digital documents and paper (non-digital documents) quickly and easily into electronic digitized documents to streamline business processes by transforming them into accurate and actionable Items, and delivering it all into core business application processes and workflows. It is flexible and scalable, enabling customers to define where and how data are captured and indexed, whether in a Stand alone or in distributed environment.

It Captures input of various types of documents for faster data processing from different sources like Email, Mail, Fax, EDI, Web Service or File Folder etc. The solution enables to capture documents anytime, anywhere.

DCMS delivers high-performance data capture functionality via a scalable, client-server architecture designed to support processing in a distributed network environment. It includes a set of dedicated server components for data processing, with workload balancing to ensure maximum productivity, and multiple client operators for each step in the data capture process: setup, administration, scanning, verification and monitoring. It offers high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical implementations.

Step 1 ,2, 3 : Customers Communicating through email, Fax & Mail.

Step 4 : CMS Consumes Lock Box Vendor data with Specific File Format and updates the application

Step 5 : CMS Communicates to 3rd Party Vendor through SFTP or Web Services Mode .

Step 6 : Email Interface Process the emails and adds the data to the DB for Meta Tagging, Category Tagging, Resolving etc.

Step 7 : Administrator can Perform following Activities in Admin Module (A-1,A-2,A-3,A-4,A-5,A-6)

Product Features

» Responsive Store Front.

» Enabled Web Capture Component, Scanning and Verification can be performed in a single web-based interface.

» Flexible and customizable workflow, it can handle all document processing scenarios and can be tailored to any company’s workflows and regulations.

» Powerful Search components to search records Inbound/outbound/Archive etc..

» By converting documents from paper to electronic at the point of origin, organizations can improve communications with clients, reduce administrative costs, improve productivity and eliminate data entry errors and lost documents.

» Supports all the Common Documents and File Format (.xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .zip, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .jpg, .png, .jpge, .gif and others)

» Support Meta data Indexing

» Powerful Multiple Record Retention Policy

» Supports Optical Character Recognition

» Flexible in Integrating with 3rd party system

» Powerful Upload Component to upload documents from external users

» Capability to integrate Content Taxonomy

» Integrated centralized antivirus system to scan uploaded documents

» Integrated Hosting with High Availability and Disaster Recovery

» Powerful reporting tool and result export option

» Supports SMS Notification

» Capability to Map to Document Management Repository

» Security Features

» High Information Confidentiality during Distributed Verification - For security reasons, different components within the same application can be operational/verified by different operators. On each stage of the distributed verification process, operators have access only to those components, which they are allowed to see.

» Full Support of HTTPS/SSL Protocols

» PCI-DSS Complaints

» Strong SHA-2 encryption for sensitive customer data

» Form CAPTCHA Integration

» Notification on Failed login attempts

Architecture - Application Model Landscape

E-mail - In Bound /Out Bound
DCMS helps to capture e-mails along with their attachment. Information about the e-mail sender, the recipient, CC, BCC, date, time and the subject will be saved to the application. Im-port from POP3 /IMAP e-mail server with SSL/TSL encryption is supported. It also as the capability to respond the email, each email thread can be as-signed to the Metatag & Status.
Mail - In Bound /Out Bound
DCMS helps to capture mails by scan-ning and uploading the information. This component is powered with File Upload component to upload the files. It has the capability to associate mail data to Metatag & Status. This compo-nents is integrated with centralized an-tivirus system to scan newly uploaded documents.
Fax/EDI- In Bound/Out Bound
DCMS as the capabilities to process the Fax data in the application Via E-mail and EDI data based on the agreed for-mats.