Talent, Enthusiasm, Diligence, Care and Openness - these are the qualities that Stixis extends to its customers. Continual improvement is an integral part of our mindset.

We founded Stixis with a mission. To make our customers achieve their goals and optimize their business processes by empowering them with reliable custom software systems, by helping them to get their top-notch software products to markets faster, by unleashing the power of technology. Whatever may be the size of your enterprise and whatever your needs may be, you will undoubtedly get benefited from our core strengths delivery excellence, deep domain knowledge, an innovative approach and our flexible engagement model.

Engagement Models

"Just one stop to satisfy your IT appetite"

In this highly unpredictable economy, businesses need to counteract market changes with flexible innovative business strategies to be successful. The right partners will be the ones who stand by you in executing the response to these market changes. Stixis offers multiple engagement models to meet diverse needs of global clients. Our engagement models are tailored to reflect the maturity and complexity of specifications, technologies, processes that drive successful delivery. We can work with you to customize any model to address your specific needs. This helps you to have a competitive advantage in a changing marketplace.


Stixis sets up the facility and infrastructure, staffs the development center, establishes operating guidelines and knowledge transfer procedures.


Manages the offshore organization including Program Management (PM) development. QA, maintenance, enhancements and ongoing project support


Stixis registers a new India Subsidiary for the client, transfers all assets and relinquishes all direct control of operations to the client.
A neatly developed framework guides all partnership processes, whereas a properly organized and structured cooperation is a way to combat risks while receiving all the benefits of an outsourcing venture.

You have the option to combine one or more available models as part of your business strategy.

Go Green

We are making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. While we may not be perfect at this yet, we are going to try our best:

Two R’s


» Only luminescent and energy saving light bulbs are used in entire office

» Print only when absolutely necessary

» Client communication via email and all documents shared via PDF or other electronic format

» We have outlawed plastic water bottles and Styrofoam cups in our office

» Purchasing new equipment, we prefer energy-saving devices


» We use glasses and mugs instead of paper or cardboard cups

» If paper is used, it is done as reusable as possible (both sides)

» In the office the vast majority of our employees use ceramic cups and dishes instead of plastic disposable ones

We exert to minimize the environmental impact of our business and reduce the waste and pollution.