Stixis offers a diversified range of conventional yet professional software development services based on proven methodologies and practices to industry leaders, both large and small.

Our service offerings concentrate on our clients specific requirements in the perspective of each development cycle, thus ensuring the finest and professional utilization of available resources.

Our clients hire us to do things better, which is different from hiring someone to do things cheaper, or what they can do themselves if only they had the time. To live up to that standard, we have to know more than anyone else in the market about technology, the science of software engineering, the industries we serve and our client’s business. And we never stop learning.

Digital Convergence

Digital Asset Management

Consumers increasingly want to access content on more devices and from more channels. Delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time is the key growth challenge today’s media and entertainment companies are facing. Providing the system and process infrastructure to meet the challenges to broadly distributed content media requires both technical and business expertise. We understand the media and entertainment industry, and the most advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM), and rich content workflow solutions needed to provide strategic value while delivering quick results. Stixis helps clients in media and entertainment tackle the most difficult challenges related to the production and distribution of rich content, including workflows for creative content, metadata classification, and seamless multi-channel delivery. Our management team brings in the expertise needed to help you meet the most demanding rich media publishing challenges. Stixis can help your organization achieve better visibility and more control of your media assets, and the processes used to create and disseminate them.

Today digital photographs, images, graphics, animations, videos, and music that are enriched with metadata, lifecycle and access controls, become vital assets for media organizations and marketing departments

to create, manage, and distribute these digital assets properly is imperative for companies who want to gain competitive advantage.

Stixis helps enterprises to manage and re-purpose digital assets, improve project collaboration, manage the business context of technical work, and realize asset production efficiencies while seamlessly delivering the content to a variety of output channels. Our experts help organizations to maximize their investment in the creation and management of their rich media content. We have experience, knowledge and partnerships across industries and technologies that will help you achieve your goals. Our asset management services can support your Digital Asset Management solution in the following ways:

Create & Manage

» Importing Media Assets
» Configuring Content Model
» Supportability for different media formats

Catalog & Index

» Intellectual property assets
» Rights Management

Process & Review

» Access Control
» Annotate image, picture etc.
» Navigation
» Preview

Search & Retrieve

Dynamic visual filters on Metadata
Categorizing filters for easy search
Incorporate smart search

IT Integration

Integrating across IT ecosystem
Compatibility with rich browser
based user experience

Render & Deliver

» Multiple Rendering
» Easy export of media files

Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications typically are desktop or client server applications that correspond to development that is driven by technologies like AJAX, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, WPF, etc. Our resources are equipped to handle development of rich Internet applications that range from small and simple websites or parts of a website, to large scale rich Internet portals or modules of a portal. Rich Internet Application (RIA) services offered by Stixis enable organizations to efficaciously make an Indent in the minds of the people viewing their web presence. Rich Internet Applications give your business an edge in terms of an online presence.

Rich Interactive Applications give a facelift to web applications and transform them into applications that are dynamic and classy with that make them good to look at and excellent to work on.

Stixis team is experienced in the use of diverse graphical and multimedia tools and RIA technologies. This translates to a complete understanding of what needs to be done and how, to ensure that our clients get an interactive, appealing, involving and unique rich Internet application.

Our RIA practice

» Experienced in working with the very best and latest in RIA technology
» Using tools and techniques that come under the RIA category for creation of applications
» Taking into account various user experiences and suggestions
» Experienced of using the right technology and platform to create optimally performing applications
» Experienced at using various kinds of media such as Audio, Video streaming and other media to create cross platform solutions, to allow our clients to communicate and influence customers
» Best-in-the-market resources, expertise and skill-sets
» Custom solutions for companies from diverse verticals

Benefits of RIA

Having a Rich Internet Application driven User Interface can keep a user engaged to great lengths and can radically improve the user’s involvement. The Stixis team also suggests areas within your system that gives you greater returns on the money you have invested.

» Some of the most valuable benefits of having a Rich Internet Application are:
» User engagement and more channels of interactivity
» Stimulate return visits and usage
» Uses latest, current, ‘cool’, technologies, generating the same impression about your brand

RIA Services

Reusable and Modular User Interface Libraries

Often, choosing the right User Interface or the right look for certain components of a system pose a problem. There is confusion on what the ultimate look should be. For this reason, we have a library of reusable and modular User Interface aspects that you can choose from. This radically reduces any time lag. The range of RIA services provided by Stixis are custom designed to bring out the very best in our clients’ offerings and provide a top-of-the line end-users experience. Listed below are our Rich Internet Applications Services:

Clickable prototypes with functional User Interface kernel and dynamic content

As part of our Rich Internet Application Design, Stixis provides a prototype that is fully clickable, which gives you the impression that you are working on a fully functional system. This gives you an opportunity to understand the system from the end-user’s perspective. Prototypes of such nature give the team of developers, analysts and testers a better understanding than a static image.

The Stixis Advantage

At Stixis, we have teams that are adept at Application Development and Maintenance on Flex / AJAX frameworks with resources working on a number of back-end technologies such as .Net, Java, PHP. We have a delivery model that caters to a global clientele. Stixis provides cost effective and speedy delivery with custom scalability options. We provide services for the entire life-cycle of the project - design, development, implementation, testing, documentation and technical assistance.

User Experience Management

User Experience in simpler terms is what an average user experiences while testing or using a web tool, page or system. This can either be browsing through a website, filling in vital information in a system, or entering sensitive data in an e-commerce driven portal. The key is to ensure that the user feels comfortable and secure and the functioning and navigability needs to be seamless.

The User Experience Management practice by Stixis spans across varied platforms and scales, these include Internet/Intranet/Extranets, e-business services and solutions, usability and information architecture. The practice helps organizations increase embracing of online models, scale up their existing intranets to enhance employee output, and enhance teamwork through social networking.

Our goal behind partnering with clients and users to offer User Experience practice services is to enhance user experience and transform our clients’ offerings into prima donnas in the usability factor. We have an experienced team and are equipped with the skills to achieve the highest standards of User Experience Management (UXM). User Experience Solutions come easy to our team as we weigh a product from the technical, visual and user perspective and provide a solution that leads to better usability and product success.

With Internet access lying within the realms of your pocket, and the 140 characters length becoming the norm for updates, speed and seamless functioning becomes a defining factor.

To give our clients the very best in User Experience solutions, Stixis has a team that keeps reinventing techniques, keeping abreast of trends and introspecting on how to better User Experience practices. We keep adding on various aspects and to our services for improved usability and performance.

Our User Experience Management practice offers the following services:

Usability, Accessibility & Analytics


The whole exercise that ensures your site is high on the usability factor has a single most important eventual - return on investment (ROI). When you invest and amount (irrespective of substantiality), in the betterment of your services, you are making it more usable and seamless. You are ensuring that your clients and customers are able to use your product or service with minimum problems. The complete exercise is meant to ensure that you beget success for what you have put in

  • Usability Audits
  • Usability Evaluation


When accessibility is an important aspect of Usability Management, it gives you the opportunity to identify aspects of your service and include accessibility within your overall approach toward Usability of your service. This provides you with actionable recommendations that improve the user's online experience.


Most companies are terrible with their analytics. Knowing what to do and more importantly, where to do takes more than just a basic know-how. What is worse is that most companies don't know what to do with the analytics data they get. This leads them to paying established companies thousands of dollars to research, study and tell them what to do. More often than not, this leads to complex scenarios often forcing companies to both abandon the process and live with half baked reports. The best way to deal with this is to hand it over to Stixis a company that has hands on experience in the field. Our tools, processes and expertise make us an enviable numero uno in the playing field. We deal with the data, statistics, testing (in other words, the boring stuff!) and give you reports and results that you can understand and implement techniques and strategy to get the best out of your offering. We know exactly what metrics and benchmarks are to be observed to give you what you need.

Our process of providing you with analytics is simplified and described below:

  • Study and understand your service / system and what your goals are. Also, understand what is it that you would like to be measured
  • Analyzing the aspects of measurement will give us an idea on what changes, modifications and additions need to be made to make a proper, detailed analysis and understanding
  • Various factors such as usage statistics, feedback, live usage, data, surveys and more are taken into account during an analysis
  • Set a time for periodical reviews of the service and keep making recommendations and providing analytical data for the improvement of your system or service

User Experience Design & Testing

Often, User Experience Design is confused with User Interface design. While both have the key-word 'user', both mean entirely different aspects of design. User Experience Design is the creation of models, modules or aspect of a system that affect user experience. It is hard to quantify user experience since what one user may deem appealing may be unappealing to another (which is why two famous Social Networking portals are competing with each other for user preference). Instead, by following a certain level of benchmarks, you can structure your system or service to cater to all aspects of what a user may come across or 'experience' during usage. Once you understand these aspects, building your system is the next stop. Stixis has a number of User Experience Design services that will assist you in building your software to make it of optimum convenience to the kind of users you expect to access your software. We have a number of techniques and methods to simulate real time scenarios, apart from the right tools and know-how.

The diagram below explains the three levels of User Experience design services that we offer. These are inter-related and required to achieve the best output in terms of design:

Structured Interactive Visual
Information Architecture System Output Definition Theme Development
Basic Layout User Input Definition Color Scheme Definition
Navigation Concept Concept Validation Infrastructure and control design
Iterative Refinement

User Experience Testing

At times, in the process of testing out key areas of a system, certain aspects are ignored or missed out. The Stixis team is aware of this problem and we ensure no module, link or functionality is left untested. We are aware of the way the average user navigates or operates a software, hence we implement our experience in ensuring that User Experience Testing is complete.

Problem Reviews Usability
Problem Identification Test Planning
Problem Prioritization Usability Testing
Redesign Recommendation Data Analysis
Prioritization of findings

UI Services

It is acknowledged and acclaimed that the User Interface (or UI) is an extremely important aspect of any product. The success and usage factor of a system depends on how an average user feels while using it. We ensure your system not only looks good, but also functions seamlessly across varied platforms and devices. Our experience and process of simulating live scenarios aids us at this.

During the process of the User Interface design, we factor in user mindset, behaviour and potential points of interactivity. Simulating the actions and thoughts of a user, we design and recommend design of a robust, classy User Interface.

User Interface Design

The design of any software is based on a number of aspects. It is meant to give the software a face and allocate the right amount of online real estate for all the modules of the system. It is important the system gets the right look and feel to ensure maximum user satisfaction. Stixis can assist you in this as well. We can provide a set of recommendations that makes your design appealing, vibrant and we can iron out the creases when it comes to design issues impeding the functionality of software.

Stixis team understands your business model, your software's objective, the requirements and mindset each user would have. Apart from our own experience, we apply these benchmarks to ensure the User Interface of your software is from the top-draw.

Our Team works on custom solutions to suit your software. There are various techniques and methodologies that are created keeping various scenarios and requirements in mind. The usability, functionality, timelines, end-user statistics are all kept in mind and we synergize with the client to come up with design concepts that consider the value and compulsions of software.

Four stages of our User Interface design:

  • Creative Design
  • Navigation Design
  • Task Analysis & Workflow Design
  • User Interface Specifications

User Interface Architecture

User Interface architecture is very important for any application - big or small. This works as a basis for further development and detailed functional understanding. What usually happens is that this very important requirement is handed over to the developers and programmers. A programmer would know what line of code to edit, but he may be found wanting when it comes to what would appeal to a user. After all, the one who develops a software knows how it functions in and out. The average user doesn't.

Hence, the right way of doing this is to allow an expert to consult you on this. An expert will always give an outsiders perspective, while understanding in-depth, the diverse aspects of your software.

  • Rich Internet Application Architecture
  • Portal Architecture

User Interface Development

The average user not just requests for, but demand a system that they deem friendly. This is described as something that is functionally as per the user's requirement, easy to handle and use, interactive (as it gives the user an impression that his feedback or input is valuable), visually appealing and meets the objective in terms of usability. While this appears to be a rather simple requirement when one reads. In fact, when the specifications for any software are drawn out, these are terms that are put across and agreed upon. However, getting resources that will meet all these expectations and maintain the highest levels of quality and productivity to deliver are indeed hard to find.

Stixis takes these worries off your table and adopts them. We get into your shoes, assign a team to your product that looks at doing away with aspects that are off the mark from what a user may require, improve the overall User Interface and usability, provide guidelines to follow for constant User Interface improvement and keep in mind, your business and software.

Our User Interface development services include:

  • Rich User Interface Development
  • Portal User Interface Development
  • User Interface Integration
  • User Interface Testing

Web Services

The Internet finds itself right at the top of the pile amongst a chosen few, when it comes to acknowledging a few of the best inventions of relatively recent times. The opportunities it has bestowed are numerous and having a website has become the bare minimum in terms of organizational requisites. However, just having a website that contains some details about your company and its services is not all. That in fact is just the tip of the iceberg. Web Development also entails providing and gathering information, being contacted by potential clients and more importantly conducting business over the Internet.

Stixis provides web design web development and programming services that are custom designed to best suit your requirements. Various companies may have similar offerings and services, but their end user or target audience might differ. For example, a Fortune 500 company and a start-up may both offer a particular service, but the clientele each company is targeting is entirely different. We provide web design and development service in complete accordance and understanding of your company profile and requirements.

Our Web Services are as follows:

Web Application Development

A web application in simple terms is an application that requires the Internet for functioning. This can get as complex and convoluted as a set of web forms that on being filled, convert entered data into a XML feed and get streamed live onto a third party application over the internet, or an application that queries a database to display and hide certain fields of content, based on limitations or conditions placed in the back-end. This can also be a simple form that on being filled, gets e-mailed to a designated ID.

Stixis offers a complete range of web application development services that include actual development, defining the architecture and technology requirements of a web application, testing the application that has been developed and also maintenance and support. We have a team that has the capabilities to give you what you need.

Web Design Services

We understand that while scale of business may differ, its value and potential doesn’t diminish. Our web design team is adept at understanding your business needs and create a site that caters to your requirements. If all you need is a basic site that lists down your company profile, services and means to contact you, or if you require a high-end portal-like solution that involves large bandwidth usage and advanced programming, or a custom e-commerce solution that enables your customers to make secure transactions over your site, Stixis is equipped to provide you with what you need.

The Stixis advantage

Your website is your representation on the Internet and a reflection of your core competencies and skills. Stixis provides a number of Web Development services to help companies move away from the online brochure mindset and create a powerful, appealing and informative representation of theirs. The objective behind the Website Design and Development services offered by Stixis is to help companies understand the power of the internet and the value of having a worthy face online and subsequently, get a return on their investment and horde in quantifiable commercial profits. Stixis provides end-to-end web development services. We are indeed your one-stop-shop.