Talent, Enthusiasm, Diligence, Care and Openness - these are the qualities that Stixis extends to its customers. Continual improvement is an integral part of our mindset.

We founded Stixis with a mission. To make our customers achieve their goals and optimize their business processes by empowering them with reliable custom software systems, by helping them to get their top-notch software products to markets faster, by unleashing the power of technology. Whatever may be the size of your enterprise and whatever your needs may be, you will undoubtedly get benefited from our core strengths delivery excellence, deep domain knowledge, an innovative approach and our flexible engagement model.


Turn your dreams into reality

i@Stixis mission is to make the invisible become visible. Many young minds have brilliant ideas, which remain unfulfilled because of endless talks and inaction to turn them into reality. If it’s a dream there’s a strong need to make it happen coupled with intention.

Next is to separate ability and desire from intention. There are many things one can do but only a few things one intends to start and finish. i@Stixis team will evaluate your seriousness, faith & passion to see the dream idea become a business.

Write down a one pager and i@Stixis team will evaluate your seriousness, faith & passion to see the dream idea become a business.

i@Stixis – Let us be the first to welcome you to the first day of the rest of your life

Acting as business savvy technology incubator we offer select set of services designed to accelerate your progress to better business. We leverage the power of technology through innovation.

» Idea

» Research

» Incubate

» Release

Our offerings will help you turn your ideas into reality:

Our team brainstorms to understand your belief in the idea:

» Have a clear goal & plan of action

» Ability to take positive risks

» Motivation level to push forward

Create a marketable Idea:

» Research and go beyond excitement level and identify the real potential

» Discover the market for the idea and identify the target audience

» Write the business plan which will help in discovering gaps & problem areas early in the process

» Create a detailed budget

» Creation of the timetable to lift the idea to marketable reality

Start the development of the product:

» Evaluation Process

» Domain experts opinion

» Research analysts inputs

» Follow the Agile methodology for the development


» Go to market strategy & alliances

» Initial wins