Stixis offers a diversified range of conventional yet professional software development services based on proven methodologies and practices to industry leaders, both large and small.

Our service offerings concentrate on our clients specific requirements in the perspective of each development cycle, thus ensuring the finest and professional utilization of available resources.

Our clients hire us to do things better, which is different from hiring someone to do things cheaper, or what they can do themselves if only they had the time. To live up to that standard, we have to know more than anyone else in the market about technology, the science of software engineering, the industries we serve and our client’s business. And we never stop learning.

Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence practice streamlines processes within a company, research and analyze to assist strategizing, decision-making and understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

Turnkey Business Intelligence Implementation by Stixis helps your organization metamorphose data and statistics into knowledge that can be applied to your processes and business strategy. Our experts provide recommendations, suggestions and ideas to achieve this. We have a number of internally followed and externally acclaimed benchmarks that assist us in doing this. First the required analytic evaluations for reporting purposes must be set up. This step involves simple aggregations, ex-overall revenue figures for individual items or divisions in recent days, weeks, or months. It also extends to complicated statistical analysis using data mining for trend analysis of customer behavior. Analysis methods include, among other things, OLAP-Cubes (Online Analytical Processing), data mining, text mining, web mining and case based reasoning.

Business Intelligence Services by Stixis

Stixis has the expertise and ability to observe and optimize your business to meet the demands of the market and ensure that your Business Intelligence initiatives are successfully implemented.

» Strategy Definition: Blueprints of Integration concepts for BI organization and architecture

» BI Solution Implementation: Configuration of powerful planning, analysis and reporting solutions as a combination for enterprise communication with portal integration for sales, service,  logistics, procurement, HR, and other business areas

» BI Landscape Optimization: Optimization of existing BI environments via systematic data validation, parameter tuning and establishment of sustained BI support structures

Customer Benefits

» Process information conversion into business knowledge

» Real-time measurement of business performance

» Improved planning & reporting quality

» Consolidation of forecast & target data across groups helping to respond faster to market

» Consistent base data

» Building data infrastructures, solving data quality problems & manage master data

The Stixis Business Intelligence advantage

Business Intelligence has become a critical factor in current times. It stimulates strategy changes, approach makeovers and eventually growth in business. While there are various companies offering Business Intelligence services, there are few that can grapple with your data and provide you with a set of process transformation techniques that optimize your business and assist in a higher revenue generation.

Stixis provides clients with what we call, the Stixis advantage. Our clientele acknowledges that and we can, without any hesitation exclaim that we are one of the very best in the field of Business Intelligence consulting, across various verticals and industries. The fact that a number of our clients recommend us to their sister concerns and associates, speaks volumes of the quality of our work.

With impeccable quality control, expertise, resources, planning and management, we invite organizations to challenge us with complex issues affecting their businesses. We give an in-depth look into your business and can resolve what may appear to be one of the most complicated issues that may ail your business.

Our resource quality and management makes us an enviable entity in the field of Business Intelligence. We welcome you to utilize the Stixis advantage.