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Healthcare Management System

Delivery Solution with Passion & Agility

HealthCare industry is one of the largest industry in the world and adoption of IT in HealthCare industry has grown rapidly in recent years. HIPAA & HITECH Regulations, Meaningful use incentive program, Health Insurance Exchanges etc. are some of the factors influencing the adoption and Stixis has expertise in implementing the complete product suite, standards and perform integration for different market segments i.e. provider, payer and pharmacies. This document provides Stixis HealthCare domain expertise details for provider, pharmacies, Clinical Exchange and payer.

HealthCare IT – Poised For Growth

» Healthcare costs are growing

» Medical Technology, particularly in the US, Is state of the art

» Population growth and longevity are taxing the system

» Healthcare has historically lagged other industries in using IT

» That is changing, dramatically and world wide

» Healthcare IT seen as a tool to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality and safety

» CAGR for healthcare providers in the US > 6%

» CAGR for healthcare providers world wide ~ 7%

» The tortoise and the hare?

» US Hospital provider IT Annual budget growth now roughly 10%