Stixis offers a diversified range of conventional yet professional software development services based on proven methodologies and practices to industry leaders, both large and small.

Our service offerings concentrate on our clients specific requirements in the perspective of each development cycle, thus ensuring the finest and professional utilization of available resources.

Our clients hire us to do things better, which is different from hiring someone to do things cheaper, or what they can do themselves if only they had the time. To live up to that standard, we have to know more than anyone else in the market about technology, the science of software engineering, the industries we serve and our client’s business. And we never stop learning.

Application Services

Application Development

With attention spans getting shorter by the day, micro-blogging becoming the norm and business concepts transforming, applications need to be developed with the acknowledgement of this. The competition is high and companies need to keep re-inventing their existing portfolio and array of services. The need of the hour is for applications to be developed in a manner that encompass these factors and existing ones require a facelift that brings them up to speed in terms of usability and objective.

Application Development Services

Our team that comprises programmers, team leaders, analysts and testers are from the upper crust in terms of expertise. Our policy of not cutting corners with regard to hiring the best possible resources translates directly to the quality of our work. We are well equipped to recommend what solution best suits your needs. Our application development process is well-defined and process covers the entire SDLC cycle right from business analysis to implementation, to maintenance and technical assistance for the application. This process supports an even distribution of roles and responsibilities within our team.

Our application development practice serves your business in the following areas:

» Web Applications
» Interactive Education (e-Learning)
» Enterprise Solutions
» Desktop applications
» Mobile applications
» Custom Application development
» Social Media Application development (Facebook apps)
Our Offshore Model reduces client costs and assists application development work by providing:
» Knowledge Transfer methods and tools
» Time to Market efficiency
» Effective communication
» Process Visibility
» Predictability and recommendations

How Stixis does it

That’s a question that satisfied clients often pose to us when we sit to review the application after we have completed development. The points below cover our approach and methodology, simplified:

The Stixis advantage

One often encounters software that is robust in terms of programming, but they do not include various other factors such usability and scalability. You need to keep a hawk eye on changing trends and market scenarios, while ensure that your application is technically a premium product. Stixis offers Application Development services that promise to be custom created to suit your requirements, meet your overall objectives and retain a high level of quality and flexibility. We also understand that apart from developing an application tailored for you, we are also looked upon to take on a role of consultants who will constantly recommend changes to ensure that the application we develop for you maintains its sheen throughout. Our approach toward Application Development combines CMM level benchmarks and Agile practices.

Application Integration

Application Integration is the process of integrating an application into a design, module, platform or technology.

Problems companies face with Application Integrating

Often, we come across situations wherein companies develop applications and at the end realize that the application is incompatible with a host of external applications that it needs to operate with in cohesion. These results in loss of time and almost zero chances of getting any returns on the money you have invested.


Stixis provides multi-level, robust and cost-effective application integration services and entire application integration architecture to suit the needs of your business. Stixis takes care of the challenges you face and gives you a solution that will enable your application to become flexible, adaptable and scalable.

Application Integration Services

Stixis offers a number of Application Integration Services. Some of these are:
» Application Integration Strategy and Consulting
» Integration of CRM applications
» Integration of finance and accounting applications
» Solution Scope documentation
» Integration of ERP applications
» Risk Assessment
» Application Integration Product evaluation  and recommendation

» Integration of web applications
» Integration of desktop applications
» Requirement Analysis
» Application Integration Design and Architecture

» Workflow Management
» Process Modeling
» Post Project implementation support services

The Stixis advantage

In Stixis you have a resourceful partner, consultant, which takes care of your application integration requirements. Stixis provides a framework of integration that brings together various systems or software modules that may otherwise not be able to interact with each other (programmatically speaking). We have the required know-how and the global awareness to understand what solution would serve you best and how to make your application a bigger, better value prop when it goes to the market.

Application Maintenance and Support

IT companies end up spending a lot for the maintenance of support of the application. Large enterprises allocate a huge chunk of their IT budget to this exercise and smaller companies, due to the expenditure involved, have to forego of this very important requisite of application development.

Apart from robust Application Development services, Stixis delivers the highest level of management service to end users via the industry best practices. We provide proactive, day-to-day monitoring and operational management of the technical aspects of applications and databases, plus other services to cope with dynamic environments and business requirements. Our services include enhancements to functionality, new-release installations and regulatory support.

Of course, with global markets swinging between stable and unstable stages, cost efficacy is another key area we score in. Due to our Management’s extensive experience in Maintenance and support, we have been able to cultivate our high-quality engineering teams. They provide our clients with a wide range in types of maintenance activities, including:

» Corrective - reactive modification to correct identified problems

» Adaptive - modification to make it usable in a changed or changing environment

» Perfective - improve maintainability & performance

» Preventive - modification to detect and correct faults

Our competency

Stixis has attained a high level of competency in providing maintenance and support for applications by an approach that in drawn up after thought and expertise put into action.
This is explained in the points below:

» Awareness of commercial trends and requirements

» Awareness of technical trends and need-of-the-hour approach

» Awareness that knowledge, when confined festers. An efficient knowledge transfer process ensures  our resources are abreast with everything and there are no stages of panic due to unavailability of a resource

» Understanding that cost effectiveness not only benefits the client, but also us in building  a long-standing relationship

» International standards in service

Stixis provides a number of services under the umbrella of Application Maintenance and Support.

» Implementing new features
» Error resolution
» Software application optimization
» Software application consolidation
» Remote service monitoring
» Version upgrading and improvements
» All-around user support

» Break-Fix Support
» Database Administration and Support
» Server Administration and Support

» Desktop Support
» 24/7 Application Support
» Network Management and Support

Continued enhancements

We understand that being a preferred partner entails a huge amount of responsibility. We acknowledge your business as our own and think, strategize and plan for it accordingly. This also means continuous technical, strategic and commercial enhancements. Stixis doesn’t stop at delivery. The relationship continues from there.

The Stixis advantage

By implementing our tried and tested methodologies and strategy, our customers get nothing short of the very best. Apart from an extremely skilled and competent team, the wind beneath our wings – our management – ensures that no corners are cut when it comes to delivering for a client. With experience and knowledge to back the Stixis team, our clients have managed to significantly reduce costs and attain more success within the respective markets they venture into. Our processes are backed by expertise and analysis and are thus aware of every nuance that is a part of application development, maintenance and support. When you are working with Stixis, you are working with a responsible, reliable, cost effective partner.

Application Testing Services

By employing the rigorous and finer aspects of the CMM development process and combining them with the Rational Unified Process (RUP) best practices and Agile development methodologies we ensure the high quality, extensibility of the end software applications, as well as time to commercial release of the delivered products. Application Testing basically means studying an entire application, clicking wherever required and going through the entire process that involves end user and back-end programming connectivity to understand how functional, robust and good a system is.

Importance of Application testing

The "price-time-functionality equation" is well known product development. An application has to be functionally ready and perform to the best of its capability, before it goes into the market. End users are usually unforgiving. A bad experience dents their mind and hence it is very important that an application is properly tested and fixed before an end user gets to try it out. Apart from an end user perspective, it is important from a brand standpoint, to ensure that your application holds up well against competition.

Our Testing process incorporates the following phases and steps:
Construction Phase:
» Elaboration and extension of test cases, business testing and
automated testing scenarios

» Functional testing, including automated testing

» Regression testing of the new builds

» Preparation of the regular test result reports

» Performance, stress, security, other non-functional testing

Inception and Elaboration Phases:
» Reviews of software requirements specifications

» Definition of detailed test plan

» Definition of functional test cases

Transition Phase:
» Customer testing

» Overall testing results summarization and evaluation

Stixis Application testing services

Stixis provides a wide range of Application testing services that scale platform, technologies, format and type of code. These also factor in the User Interface aspect. Some of the application testing services offered by Stixis are:

Application Testing
Evaluation of clients’ testing services
Suggestions on what changes need to
be made in testing process
creating a strategy

Complete Application Lifecycle Testing
Manual and Automated Testing
Risk-based Testing
Testing that is aligned with varied models

Testing performance requirements,
defining, structure and modifications
Scalability, Stress, Load and Volume
driven testing

Operational Acceptance
Validating applications in real-time
simulated environments
Back-up, recovery, disaster-readiness,
configuration checking

Terminal Operations
Turn-key business approach
Tied-in Functional and Performance

Evaluation of Usability of Applications
User Interface validation

Done using simulated environments
Tied-in Functional, Automated
and Performance testing

Benefits of Application testing

It is important for any company to know the way their application functions. Reading a business plan or a business analysts’ flowchart or a project lead’s SRS document gives you an understanding of an application. But how the application actually performs and if it meets all the objectives that it was meant to can be known only by testing. Some benefits of application testing are:

» Get an in-depth understanding of your application

» Get to know the pros and cons

» Come across areas that can be enhanced, module that can be modified and sections that can be done away with

» Once a project is live, there is less interest and intent to fix it. All fixes need to happen before it goes live and that is possible only due to testing

The Stixis advantage

Application Testing entails detail oriented mental application, logical reasoning and an ability to understand how the mind of an end user works. All the features ad probable limitations of an application are tested. We have the ability, resources and systems in place to be the ideal choice for your application testing requirements. Stixis believes in achieving the best when it comes to client satisfaction. Our experience in application development only makes us stronger and best suited to test your applications as well. Our model is constant improvement.